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Have Patience With Yourself

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If you go out with veteran PUAs and dating players, you'll notice one key trait between most of them: they don't have any patience with themselves. What does that even mean? It means that they only have their desired outcomes in mind. These guys pretty much just go into a set, use one of their canned openers, and just say whatever until they use their canned line or routine to get whatever it is their desired outcome is.

These guys pretty much go from:

1)Opening line or routine.


3)Closing line or routine.

Exactly like that. And even if these guys use opening and/or closing lines, they get so lazy that they don't even make sure those aren't lower value.

To summarize, these guys just get lazy with their game. After you go out so many times, talk to so many women, you just don't care anymore. You just get so lazy, that you lose patience with yourself. You stop gaming, and you start just talking, not stopping to think about whether something you say or do is lower value or higher value. In turn, you end up losing a lot of sets, and get a lot of flakey numbers.

How do you get past this? It's very simple. Interpret everything that you say or do as either lower value or high value. Of  course, everything doesn't have to be higher value, but you should make sure that you eliminate all lower value behavior. It can be a little can be a little tedious, especially after the flare of using game is long gone, but it will significantly up your game with women.

Let's look at a typical example of something a typical lazy PUA would do:

-A girl starts dancing on him.

-He starts dancing with her.
-She then giggles and walks a few feet away, daring him to chase after her.

Of course, the typical lazy, drunk PUA will walk over to her, which is a display of lower value. Because of his failure to take a few seconds to think about what he's about to do, he has already performed a lower value move by chasing after her. Had he had a little patience with himself instead of being lazy, he would know that chasing after her would be a lower value move.

So how could he have better handled the situation? He could have thrown out a playful neg just loud enough for her to hear, such as "Oh shit, she dances like my grandma!". Said girl would most likely come over to him and say "What did you just say!?".

Let's look at another common example of something a lazy PUA might do:

Girl (via text): Hey, I won't be able to make it out tonight.

Lazy PUA: It's OK. We can just go some other time.

The lazy PUA is so outcome focused and lazy, that he doesn't take the time to realize that what he is doing is a lower value move. Had he had some patience with himself, he could have said "I have this book to finish reading. I'm so sorry. I totally forgot about tonight." <---I have actually used that one and the girl texted me back with "What! You'd rather read a book than go out with me!?".

This is what happens when you interpret everything that  you plan on doing as either lower value or higher value. If you get lazy, you will start saying and doing all kinds of things that are lower value without realizing it. I see this almost every time I go out with veteran PUAs. They get so lazy and focused on the outcome that they don't realize how low value a lot of the things they're doing and saying are.

It's not rocket science. If you have patience with yourself instead of just rushing through sets not even thinking about what you are conveying, then your success rate will go up dramatically. Don't focus on the outcome and what it means, focus on your next move and what that means. Have patience and take things one step at a time.

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